In Darren Hardy’s book “The Compound Effect,” he challenges the reader to pick the area of their life where they most want to be successful. More money in the bank? A trimmer waistline? The strength to compete in an Iron Man or marathon? A better relationship with spouse or kids? Then, he asks the reader to picture where they want to be: richer, thinner, happier, you name it.

“The first step towards change is awareness.”

He implores the reader to become extremely conscious of every choice they make today so they can begin to make smarter choices moving forward. To do this he asks the reader to track every action that relates to the area of life they want to improve. Because when you track these seemingly minor things, you realize each time one occurs. You realize it is more frequent than previously imagined. You gain clarity into yourself and this specific area of your life that you’ve never had before. Most importantly, you notice each time you might do something that doesn’t align with your end goal.

Far too often, we let our real estate portfolios get out of check like our waistlines or savings. We’re sold the concept of “passive investing” and think that we put in X number of dollars today and get back X plus the returns we were promised at some point in the future. So, we don’t feel the need to monitor our investments. We’re unaware of their weekly, monthly and, sometimes even, annual performance. We don’t know when something goes wrong. We have vacant rentals, missed payments, yield drag, and more making dents in portfolio and chipping away at our hard-earned money.

All of these things can be easily remedied, but we’ll never fix them if we’re unaware of them. That’s why we’ve created RealNumberz to help give a centralized location accessible from any device where you know exactly what’s going on with your investments. You even receive automated emails and reminders if payments are missed, investments are coming due, and or to give you monthly summaries of your portfolio performance.

Start tracking your investments to ensure success and gain peace of mind. Sign up now for a 14-day free trial of RealNumberz!