We help you take complete control of your real estate portfolio, optimize your returns, and achieve financial freedom using the assets you already have.

Our Mission

Our goal is to help real estate investors become financially free years sooner than they ever believed possible through optimization of existing assets prioritized over the addition of new ones.

In any given year, about 3 in 4 investors report feeling “regret” over how they have managed their capital. In the vast majority of cases, that regret stems from two things:

  1. The perception that they missed opportunities
  2. A lack of detailed, actionable knowledge about how existing assets performed

The fastest way to financial freedom is to maximize the real estate portfolio you have now to create the best returns possible in the least amount of time. Our mission at RealNumberz is to provide you with the platform and the analytics you need to do this in one centralized location that affords you the tools, the time, the resources, and the data necessary to optimize your investments and achieve financial freedom.

What We Believe

At RealNumberz, we believe it is essential for real estate investors and their trusted support systems and advisors to be able to evaluate all aspects of an asset at any given time at the drop of a hat.

We believe you need the ability to “stress test” potential economic outcomes and investing scenarios without having to scribble notes on a legal pad or go through mountains of paper.

We believe you deserve the visionary capabilities that come from having an accurate, comprehensive, on-call view of your entire investment portfolio, and we believe you will thrive when the tools necessary for this are simple, accessible, and placed in a centralized location where they are already plugged in to every single one of your investments.

At RealNumberz, we provide this. We believe it is our responsibility to help real estate investors learn to leverage it.

Want to See RealNumberz in Action?

RealNumberz has a lot of moving pieces, but they all move in the same direction: toward optimized returns in your portfolio and a faster route to financial freedom. Want to see those pieces in action? Enter your best email here, and we will send you our demo video and access to our seven-day “Pathway to Control” e-course that will help you explore your options in RealNumberz and use your own investments to see just how powerful this software system can be.