RealNumberz Financial Freedom Accelerator – Lesson 1: The First Step to Complete Control of Your Real Estate Investment Portfolio


You are about to complete the first step to take complete control of your real estate portfolio. Before we get started, take a minute to really congratulate yourself on this decision.

A lot of real estate investors never, ever get to this point in their money management, and it costs them untold capital and returns over the course of their investing. It’s also just a “darn shame,” because real estate is one of the richest, most potential-filled asset classes available to investors! It is simply irresponsible to fail to track its performance.

That is why you need to take a moment to congratulate yourself on starting this e-course and getting your assets under control, complete control, so they can generate the yields you want and deserve, thereby accelerating your financial freedom.

Now, when you gained access to your own portfolio management system, part of that package was enrollment in this special e-course. If you have not already set up your private access to that account, then click here to set up your account. That process takes only about 60 seconds, and then you will be ready to dive into this lesson.

Do not worry about exploring the program after you sign up. We will do that together as you gain control of your real estate investments and your portfolio! Just get signed up, then come back here.

I’ll give you 60 seconds to get that done…

Okay! Let’s get back to work.

Now, the first thing to do in order to gain total control of your assets is to get them all in one place. That can sound pretty daunting. In fact, this step is the biggest stumbling block most real estate investors face because they tend to get bogged down in the weeds trying to figure out all of their metrics and worrying that they will realize they are not getting the returns they believed they were in the first place. They actually avoid taking control in order to avoid learning they are losing money!

Well, that is human nature, and it’s okay to feel a little trepidation about this process. However, in order for you to beat human nature and start generating the returns your investments are truly capable of generating, I want you to completely forget trying to do even the least bit of analysis right now. Just follow the instructions and remember: You are taking control.

It’s a process, and right now it is imperative you simply trust the process!

Now, let’s start the process…

For real estate investors with 10 or fewer properties in their portfolios, this is probably going to be a pretty simple process. If you have more than 10 properties, you may have to work with your asset managers or property managers to make sure everything is in one place.

For now, however, just make a list of every property in your portfolio. You can write them down or make a list in a Word doc or in notepad. For starters, just list the properties (as much as you can off the top of your head) and then head on over to the “Add a Property” page in your RealNumberz account. You are going to get started with what you have, then fill in more information later. It’s all part of the process.

So, make your list, then click here to go to the Add a Property page. You’ll input all the information you have on-hand into the system, and don’t worry today about what you do not yet have on hand. We’ll get to that step later. Also, if you invest in private notes or loans, just put those assets into the list under “Add a Lending Deal” or “Add a Mortgage Note” using the same standard (get as much information as you can into the system without stressing out over the blanks you are leaving today) so that your portfolio is completely accounted for by the time you are finished.

Once you have all the information on your list in the system, take a deep breath. You just completed the hardest part of this process! Tomorrow, we’ll get to work on “filling in the blanks” for your projects and making sure you have all the information you need to really start to take full control of your portfolio and, most importantly, your returns.

See you tomorrow!


P.S. Are you the type that likes to read ahead? Check out our complete online guide to adding properties, including videos showing what your completed RealNumberz account will look like and what you will be able to do once your properties are entered here. Don’t get overwhelmed, though! We’ll be dealing with how to find the additional information you need to get things rolling tomorrow.

P.P.S. Do you know another investor who could benefit from the peace of mind you are gaining knowing that you are taking control of your returns and maximizing your investment opportunities? Give them the gift of security and peace of mind you are gaining today by clicking here to recommend RealNumberz to them now. Don’t keep this powerful tool a secret.