RealNumberz Financial Freedom Accelerator Lesson 3: Three Steps to Simplifying Your Real Estate Investing While OPTIMIZING Your Returns

This lesson is going to be all about speed and simplicity – two things that simply do not tend to go together in real estate investing.

By the time we are done with this part of our 7-part e-course, “The RealNumberz Pathway to Control,” however, you will see that the very best investors experience their success because they meld these two attractive traits – speed and simplicity – into a powerful tool that can be used to optimize returns and accelerate financial freedom.

Let’s not delay any longer! Instead, we’ll dive right in.

First, you must accept a basic premise that every real estate investor already knows even if they have not really taken the time to formulate it into a full-fledged statement:

The fastest way to financial freedom is to maximize your real estate portfolio to create the best returns possible in the least amount of time.

I know. I know. Right now, you’re thinking, “Good job, Paul. That is so simple. Every real estate investor knows that.”

Glad you agree! You can see the key word is right there: SIMPLE.

But how do we get that simplicity?

Well, there are three things you must do in order to simplify your investing while optimizing your returns.

First, get organized.

You’ve probably heard of Marie Kondo, a professional organizer who advocates an intense style of simplicity in which you “Marie Kondo” your household items and eliminate everything that does not “spark joy” in your life.

Don’t worry. I’m not about to KonMarie your real estate portfolio. Instead, I’m going to tell you how to make sure that every real estate investment sparks joy in your bank account.

Sound good? I’m sure it does. Here’s how to do it:

Assemble some basic information about your investments.
Hey, good news! You did that yesterday! Your assets should already be inside the RealNumberz management suite or being loaded into that system by your trusted subaccount holder. (Click here to go to the Settings Page in your RealNumberz system and add a subaccount now.)

The first step to simplification is knowing what you have. The best way to accomplish that is to get all of the information in one place in a standard format. You can check this box off if you completed Lesson 2. If you didn’t, click HERE to read the lesson and take a few simple steps to get started.

Second, perform some analysis on your portfolio.

This is a really important step, and it is often near-terrifying for investors. Why? Because they know everything about why an investment should be a good one, but often find the daily, weekly, and monthly numbers are too much to keep track of in our supposedly “simple” filing systems. Let’s be honest: Who really LOVES excel spreadsheets? There are two of you. Just two. The rest of us might pretend to love them, but we don’t. We love our filing cabinet full of papers that gives us the security of knowing “If I need it, it’s in there!” It’s okay. Real estate investors are among the best at storing records and the worst at actually analyzing them. That’s what an economist is for, right?

Well, by taking the first step, getting organized, did you know that you now have an economist living in your brain? Yep, all that information you put into your RealNumberz account is now linked to all sorts of real-time data systems, exploratory options, and other software systems and programs that will not only tell you exactly how that property is performing presently, but also how to improve your returns by raising (or lowering!) rents, adding (or removing!) costly amenities and services, or taking advantage of market-specific opportunities to improve performance.

So, basically, congratulations. You are now your own chief economist and, honestly, you’re probably one of the best chief economists out there in the industry today.

Third, seize those seconds.

Actually, what I really meant was seize the hours, the days, and the years you now have waiting for you at your very fingertips. The best thing about this portfolio simplification is that you will be able to see your assets in black-and-white. You’ll see what is working. You will see where there are problems.

And when you spot those problems, you will immediately be able to explore the best ways to remedy them. Keeping your portfolio management simple is the best way to keep your portfolio productive and effective. That, as you well know, is the key to getting optimal performance from your investments and achieving financial freedom.

For today’s assignment, I want you to take a look at the properties you currently have loaded into the RealNumberz system. You will easily see the many ways you can instantly, easily, and simply leverage this technology to explore the routes to optimizing your returns while spending 80 percent less time doing so!

Click Here to see just how simple your investing can (and should) be.

See you tomorrow!