Real Estate Investing Made Simple

Most real estate investors are looking to stop trading time for dollars as an employee or business owner, by creating a real estate or non-conventional portfolio of assets that will earn income for them whether they’re working or not. These passive income streams provide more time and money for them to pursue their dreams. However, in trying to transition from working a full-time job to a fully passive income producing investment portfolio, there’s often little time to manage these assets, the acquisition of which has also consumed their precious free time.

While the acquisition of real estate and passive income are worthy goals to attain, it can lead would be investors frustrated with little time to pursue hobbies and other interests, much less leaving any time to spend with friends and family. Rarely do any of these investors have a comprehensive approach to organize, analyze, and manage their growing portfolio. Few can give you an accurate representation of the performance of their portfolio, or an individual asset. Requests for documents related to a particular investment can take anywhere from several minutes to an hour for them to located. Some of the savvier investors have attempted to organize and quantify their investments with the use of spreadsheets, or with QuickBooks. However, even with multiple spreadsheets within a portfolio, real-time, accurate, and comprehensive data is not readily available, nor easily accessible.

RealNumberz, was designed by an orthodontist turned real estate investor, who found it nearly impossible to balance the demands of his full-time job with the demands of active rehabs, note closing balances, delinquent rentals, taxes, and all the other expenses and nuances necessary to organize and to consider in order to have a successful, efficient, and growing income-producing portfolio.

RealNumberz’ core purpose is to help real estate investors achieve true freedom to pursue their dreams. Our goal is to make real estate investing simpler and more profitable, while simultaneously cutting (reducing?) the demands on a busy investor’s time by 50%. We have done this by creating the industry’s most comprehensive real-time, easy to use (user-friendly), and interactive real estate tracking app, that any investor, whether new or experienced, cannot nor will not do without. RealNumberz offers freedom. Freedom not only to pursue your dream, but freedom from worry, uncertainty, hassle, disorganization, inefficiency, and confusion, giving the investor peace of mind and the confidence that freedom is attainable.

Finally, with many couples, one spouse or partner is usually primarily involved with the acquisition and management of these assets. Unfortunately, there are times when an illness, a life-threatening injury, or even death of this spouse or partner can lead to chaos and confusion within the real estate portfolio. RealNumberz offers the continuity, organization, and welcomed peace of mind so often lacking with a pile of spreadsheets or manila folders. Hopefully, this legacy feature will never be needed, but it’s nice to know that your partner will have an accurate, real-time picture of your investments, and can simply pick up where you left off, either by themselves, or with the help of a trusted advisor.

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