The one app that helps you

Take complete control of your real estate portfolio.

No credit card required!

The one app to help you to

Take full control of your real estate portfolio.

The one app to help you to

Take full control of your real estate portfolio.


Make Sure You Get Paid

  • Ensure rental income or note payments have been received
  • Secure connection to bank accounts and IRAs
  • Automated email, text alerts and reminder system



Save At Least 50% Of Your Time

  • Split-second accessibility to all real estate portfolio data
  • Customized analytics to help ensure portfolio performance
  • User-friendly navigation and data entry



Get Organized

  • Separate modules for all types of real estate investing
  • Secure & centralized storage for all documents, photos and contact information
  • Easily track expenses to specific notes or properties

RealNumberz helps you

Put the Passive Back Into Passive Income!

Step 1

Get Organized


Connect financial data sources so your real estate portfolio can be updated in real-time


Input any of your real estate notes and real estate property information that does not have a data source available


Input contact information of vendors and account information to help keep you organized and protect your legacy

Step 2

Make Sure You Get Paid


Connect with financial data sources so you know when you are paid automatically


Input reminders to alert when you should be paid


Input contact information of tenants and people paying you with alerts to help ensure they pay you on time

Step 3

Enjoy True Freedom With Your Passive Income


Use our proprietary analytics to help you quickly determine profitability


Track the performance of your entire portfolio, including asset classes and even individual assets


Finally know your numbers and increase your confidence in your profitability

Features our users love


Interactive ledger

to help you create custom reports and get the data you want.


Automated alerts and reminders

to help you get paid and help you know when you need to pay vendors.


Connecting financial accounts

to automatically track your income and expenses from multiple sources.



of payments, expenses, budgets, and more.


Management of multiple types of real estate

investments, including: notes, hard money lending, rehabs, rental properties and more.


Comprehensive asset organization

and tracking from individual assets to asset allocations.

Build your wealth confidently through efficiently and automatically managing your real estate portfolio in RealNumberz.

I am so happy I no longer have to open 5 different excel documents to attempt to manage my real estate portfolio. I use one app, RealNumberz.

Don Bailey

I save at least 7 hours per week in managing my real estate portfolio since using RealNumberz.

Kristi Nguyen

I found out I was actually losing money on a property and was able to turn it around to be cash flow positive by increasing the rent to cover increased expenses. Had I not had RealNumberz, I would not have known and would continue to lose money on that property.

Shawn Parker

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